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Botswana Safari Lodges are amongst the most luxurious safari and game lodge destinations in Africa.
Botswana is dominated by the Kalahari, which covers up to 70% of its land surface.
The Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland delta, is in the northwest, while the Makgadigadi Pans, a large saltpan, lies in the north.

Botswana has a diverse area of wildlife habitat and offers luxury safari lodges throughout the country.
In addition to the delta and desert areas, there are grasslands and savannas, where innumerable blue wildebeest, other antelopes, mammals, and birds are found.
Chobe National Park has the world’s largest concentration of African elephants.

A trip to Botswana safari lodges is a window into the Africa of old, where wildlife roams the streets of towns and ancient cultural customs are still practiced.
With more than 40% of the country designated as protected game-viewing regions, Botswana’s safaris are wild, breathtaking, and guaranteed to be jam-packed with big game animals.
The conservation-focused government of Botswana is doing more to protect its wildlife heritage than any other safari lodge destination in Africa.

Each Botswana safari lodge destination has a different type of vegetation.
This dictates the type of grazing and browsing animals that habitat the area, and in turn, this will govern the prevalence of predator activity.
Below you will find more information about the different safari regions in Botswana.

Okavango Delta Safari Lodges
The Okavango Delta is probably the best safari lodge destination in Botswana.
This scenic natural wonder can be reached by road or air that offers spectacular views of the area below.
The Okavango Delta shouldn’t exist to be fair – spilling out over the Kalahari Desert, the wetland was formed about 50,000 years ago when a sudden tectonic shift in northern Botswana interrupted the Okavango River’s flow toward the ocean.
Now, where once there was a parched desert, a myriad of floodplains, channels, and palm-strewn islands exist, supporting some of the largest and most diverse populations of birds and animals in Africa.

The crystal-clear waters of the Okavango Delta set the scene for an unforgettable and unique Botswana safari experience.
The delt is best explored on a leisurely “mokoro” dugout canoe cruise through the Okavango channels.
There is no other place in Africa where so many ecosystems seamlessly congregate.

The majority of the large animals in the Okavango Delta visit during certain seasons only.

They leave with the summer rains and then make their way back as the winter months approach.

Popular safari lodges in the Okavango Delta include the elegant and luxurious Abu Camp, the traditionally-styled Amber River Camp which is set upon and island, AndBeyond Nxabega Tented Camp with its breathtaking views of the grasslands, AndBeyond Okavango Sandibe Lodge located on the edge of a waterway, AndBeyond Xaranna Camp (one of the most romantic safari camps in the Okavango Delta), Camp Okuti (one of the best value safari experiences), Chitabe Camp with its dramatic mix of Kalahari and Okavango habitats, Chitabe Lediba Camp for serious safari action, Duke’s Camp & Duke’s East Camp for game-rich safari experiences.


Chobe National Park Safari Lodges
Northern Botswana is home to the famous Chobe National Park which is well known for its large herds of elephants and Cape Buffalo which can be admired in the Chobe Riverfront in the dry months.
Chobe has some of the most luxurious Botswana safari lodges.

Chobe National Park lies in north-east Botswana, close to Kasane, the closest commercial airport for guests visiting the park.
To the south-west of Chobe National Park lies the Okavango Delta and Moremi Reserve and to the north-east lies Victoria Falls and Livingstone.
Due to Chobe National Park’s location close to some of Africa’s most visited natural attractions, this is an ideal safari destination in Botswana.

Safari activities are focused on game viewing with bush walks and game drives.
Alternatively, you can hire a houseboat to cruise on the Chobe River for a unique luxury boating safari.
With the World Heritage Site of Victoria Falls in nearby Zambia and Zimbabwe being a mere 100km away, it is easy to combine a safari in Chobe with a visit to Victoria Falls.

The Chobe National Park is Botswana’s first national safari park.

The Chobe National Park in Botswana is divided into four very different ecosystems.

  • Serondella with its lush plains and dense forests in the Chobe River Area.
  • Savuti Marsh in the west about 50km north of Madabe Gate.
  • The Linyanti Swamps in the north-west.
  • The Hot and Dry Hinterland

Popular safari lodges within the Chobe National Park of Botswana include AndBeyond Chobe Under Canvas which is an exclusive, semi-permanent safari campsite, AndBeyond Savute Under Canvas is located in a remote and wild corner of the Chobe National Park, Bakwena Eco Lodge which is a small, owner-run safari lodge, Camp Kuzuma Chobe which has a strong relationship with Elephants Without Borders, Camp Savuti Chobe with its Meru-style luxury tents, Chobe Mopani Forest Lodge which overlooks a thriving waterhole in the remote Kasane Forest Reserve.


Linyanti Wildlife Reserve Safari Lodges
The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is a protected area in North Botswana.
Massive herds of elephants call this area home, particularly along the permanent water sources in the dry season.
Here you will also find lion, hyena, leopard, and zebra.
Alongside fabulous game viewing, the region is characterised by its varied and incredibly beautiful scenes.
The Linyanti Reserve is one of the more remote safari regions in Botswana.
There are only a few luxury safari lodges to choose from in this area.

The variety of scenery lends itself to some breathtaking views of the pristine reserve and the river itself forms a natural border between Namibia and Botswana, whilst across the river northwards lies Namibia’s Caprivi Strip.
The best time of the year to visit the Linyanti safari lodges is between May to October.
The water’s surface subsides, and the wildlife congregates around the river’s shoreline.
During these times game is at its most intense and with great visibility.

Moremi Game Reserve Safari Lodges
Moremi Game Reserve of Botswana is located in the heart of the Okavango.
Over the years, the Moremi area has been well-protected, and the wildlife is an ever-present reminder of how a wilderness area should be.
A striking number of wildlife species, birdlife, and a diverse landscape, combining mopane woodland, floodplains, fairytale-like lagoons, papyrus rivers, and acacia forests dot the Moremi.
The Moremi Game Reserve is home to the most endangered species of large mammals – the cheetah, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African wild dog, and lion.

Over 500 bird species and over 1000 species of plants also call Moremi home, making this one of the premier safari lodge destinations in Botswana.

Popular Safari Lodges within the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve include Kings Pool Camp so named after Swedish Royalty, Duma Tao Camp (one of the most luxurious safari lodges in Botswana), Kwando Lagoon Camp perched on the banks of the Kwando River, Kwando Lebala Camp with its wide open spaces, Linyanti Tented Camp which is remote, exclusive and very charming, Savuti Camp which is famous for its Star Bed.

Makgadigadi Pans Safari Lodges
The Makgadigadi Pans in Botswana is essentially waterless and arid for much of the year, yet it remains one of the most beautiful, haunting, and intriguing landscapes in Africa.
The remnants of an ancient lake, the Makgadigadi Pans are considered the largest collection of salt flats on the globe.
With shimmering horizons that bend to infinity, this place is the definition of isolation.
During years of good rain, the two largest pans, Sowa and Ntwetwe, flood and attract wildlife such as zebra and wildebeest on the grassy plains.
Thousands of flamingos color the pale white pans at Sowa and Nata Sanctuary – a natural wonder that people come from all over to see.

Popular Makgadikgadi Pans Safari Lodges include Jack’s Camp which is an iconic nomadic Persian Tent, Boteti Tented Camp (one of the least expensive safari lodges in the Pans), Camp Kalahari where you are bound to find great adventures, Nxai Pan Camp where you can track with the Bushmen, Meno A Kwena Camp (used by legendary explorers in the past), San Camp which is one of the most luxurious camps in the Makgadikgadi Pans.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve Safari Lodges
The Kalahari of Botswana may be a desert, but what a desert it is.
The seemingly never-ending Kalahari plains (50,000 sq km) dominate central Botswana and are part of the largest continuous sand basin on earth.
Established as a sanctuary for the San bushmen in 1961, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve was, until very recently, closed to the public and even today only very few make it to this wild and untouched expanse of pristine land.
But those who do embark on a Botswana safari lodge experience in the Kalahari can look forward to remarkable animal sightings of the powerful black-maned lions of Deception Valley, interactions with fascinating San tribesmen, and the most phenomenal stargazing on the planet.

Popular safari lodges in the Central Kalahari Region of Botswana include Evolve Back Gham Dhao Lodge famous for its Sky-Luxe Tents, Tau Pan Camp is well known for the pride of black-maned Kalahari Lions, Dinaka Safari Lodge which is located on the Northern boundary of the Central Kalahari.

The Tuli Block Safari Lodges
The Tuli Block Safari Lodges of Botswana are situated on the eastern border, sandwiched between Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Tuli Block is home to a diverse breed of wildlife and unique vegetation.
Consisting mainly of privately owned game farms, the area is renowned for its black-maned lions, leopards, and cheetahs lurking between the gigantic nyala trees and the yellow fever trees on the riverbanks.
Accommodation at Tuli Block is mostly in comfortable luxury safari lodge suites.
The friendly and attentive safari lodge staff will ensure that you are well taken care of during your Botswana safari.
Embark on exciting excursions including horseback riding, game drives, mountain biking, and walking safaris.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park Safari Lodges
The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is situated in the southern Kalahari, with 73% lying in Botswana and the remainder in South Africa.
Major attractions are the black-maned Kalahari lion, graceful gemsbok, plentiful springbok, characterful suricates, standing guard at their burrows, and the fascinating nests of the social weaver bird.

The landscape of the Tuli Block Safari Lodges is in sharp contrast to the rest of the country.

Crags and jutting boulders dotted with baobabs and sesame trees are home to an abundance of wildlife.

Popular Safari Lodges in the Tuli Block of Botswana include Mashatu Tented Camp one of the most popular five-star eco lodges in Botswana, Mashatu Tented Camp ideal for a more intimate safari experience, Mashatu Main Lodge with its seemingly endless plains, Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu which is tucked away against giant rocks.

We look forward to hosting you at one of our Botswana Safari Lodges shortly.

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